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Native Pet Fetches a 15% AOV Lift With Intelligent In-Cart Cross-sells

Native Pet replaces their broken cart and protects their "pawfit" margins using a simple ruleset and in-cart cross-sells powered by AI.


AOV +15.02%


Pet Supplements

Use Case

Cart UX, Plug-And-Play, Product Discovery


What do you do when your custom shopping cart breaks? 

That question loomed large for the new ecommerce manager at Native Pet, Carinna Arvizo. 

Native Pet is a pet wellness brand specializing in healthy supplements, toppers, and chews. Their story is about a small business on a standard Shopify plan making the most of the tools available.

The pet-friendly startup understood the advantages of a cart flyout and even had one custom-built for their shop. While it could only cross-sell one SKU, Arvizo was excited to use their custom cart to increase AOV and had plans to experiment with a discount strategy. 

But it never happened.

Soon after Arvizo joined the team, the cart broke, resulting in lost revenue, wasted time, and a poor customer experience. They tried fixing the cart. But that turned out to be a headache. 


"[Saving time] was really big for me. In terms of being able to move away from that custom cart. It really saved me a lot of headaches in terms of development hours." - Carinna Arvizo, Ecommerce Manager at Native Pet


The clock was ticking, so Arvizo changed the plan. She began searching for a quick solution to replace the broken cart. Something she could easily install so she could resume her plans to boost AOV. 

Arvizo noticed that Rebuy kept coming up in her search. When she saw Rebuy pop up yet again (in a newsletter from Eli Weiss of Jone’s Road Beauty) she contacted Rebuy and installed that day. "[Saving time] was really big for me in terms of being able to move away from that custom cart," says Arvizo. "It really saved me a lot of headaches in terms of development hours.”

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The strategy: focus on quick wins.

Arvizo started by adding AI-driven upsells and cross-sells directly in the Rebuy Smart Cart™. She used the rules engine out of the box, creating the rulesets herself, and relied on the helpful documents and videos in the Rebuy Help Center to learn the basics. “It’s pretty straightforward as soon as you get into it. If there was a video linked to the help doc, I definitely used it.” 

To keep it simple, Arvizo created two basic yet powerful widgets. The first is a cart cross-sell widget. Its simple ruleset contains just two rules. Rule #1 is for existing customers. Arvizo assigns the Buy It Again endpoint to offer products the customer has previously purchased.


"With Rebuy, I was able to increase our AOV without having to discount any of our products."


Rule #2 is for new customers. Arvizo relies on Rebuy’s AI-powered personalization engine to select the most relevant product recommendations based on millions of data points, including what’s in the customer’s cart, items the customer has previously viewed, historical sales data, and more.

Cart rules

Arvizo recently added a second widget to offer a free gift-with-purchase. It contains just one rule that auto-adds a doggy backpack once the cart subtotal exceeds $60. Too easy!


After that, Arvizo made a few simple customizations to the Smart Cart to further enhance the shopping experience. 

First, she customized the announcement bar to promote the GWP offer. Then, she enabled the free shipping bar and set the minimum threshold to $35. Finally, she enabled Rebuy’s integration for Okendo so all in-cart upsells and cross-sells are powered up with social proof via star ratings.

native pet gwp and shipping bar


Easy install.

Straightforward help documentation.

Upsells and cross-sells powered by artificial intelligence.

That’s the kind of quick and easy solution Arvizo was looking for.


For the Native Pet team, installing Rebuy opened up a whole new world of intelligent shopping. One day they were desperate to replace their broken shopping cart. The next, they were offering personalized shopping experiences with the smartest cart in ecommerce. 

Arvizo has total control of her data-driven merchandising strategy thanks to the Rebuy rules engine and easy-to-use help documentation. Plus, Native Pet gets to protect its pawfit profit margins and doesn’t need to rely on discounts. 

“With Rebuy, I was able to increase our AOV without having to discount any of our products,” says Arvizo. “We are a small business so it's really great we’re able to grow without having to discount.”

Appaws! Appaws! 👏


Native Pet saw AOV increase by 15.02%. In addition, 13.06% of total sales were attributed to Rebuy and 22.82% of orders contained a Rebuy add-on.




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