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New Year, Same Purpose: Serve Merchants

New Year, Same Purpose: Serve Merchants

Rebuy was founded on the idea that your best customer is your existing customer.


2020 was a year filled with challenges and opportunities. And it would be remiss of me not to recognize how much pain people have experienced this year. No one could have predicted the hardships 2020 would bring. 

At the same time, I feel it's important to look at what's good. And by nearly every measure, this last year has been a good, even great, year for both our team and our company.

Ecommerce boomed at the same time our product-market fit really started to take off. It was the perfect storm for tremendous growth and a game-changing year for us. We saw our company grow from a team of 3 to a team of 12, and our monthly revenue grew more than 20X.

With that success now comes a new stage of growth. As a team of 12, we're accomplishing more than we ever have before. And the flywheel is just getting started! With everything from App Dev to Dev Ops, Data to Content Marketing, and Account Management to Growth, we're enhancing our product and the value we add in significant ways on a daily basis! We have fun, and we're on a mission to serve merchants. 

Rebuy was founded on the idea that your best customer is your existing customer and we still program around this ethos to this day. It's a simple idea with a profound impact: Deliver results for your customers and they'll buy again, and tell their friends, too.

We deliver the toolsets merchants need to better know and serve their customers. Every day we ask ourselves, how can we help create a more personal, relevant relationship with the customer, and build a product that supports this goal?

To our customers, our partners, our advisors, and our friends and family: Thank you! We are forever grateful for your support and belief in us as we continue to help merchants grow and thrive. We look forward to accomplishing more together in 2021.


John Erck, Co-Founder of Rebuy


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