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Magic Spoon Casts a Spell With Smart Cart, Boosts AOV 14.75%

Magic Spoon elevates their customer experience with Rebuy's Smart Cart, introducing personalized product recommendations, switch-to-subscription, and more.


🔥 +14.75% AOV

🔁 18,000+ switched

to subscription

📈 12.86% Sales

from Rebuy


🥣 Food & Beverage


🎁 Gift With Purchase

💌 Personalized recommendations

🔁 Switch to subscriptions


In 2019, Gabi Lewis and Greg Sewitz realized something about the cereal industry.

Americans eat an average of 100 bowls of cereal per year but the majority of these cereals are filled with unhealthy sugar and grain. 

Gabi and Greg thought to themselves: Why can’t people have their cereal and eat it too?

Thus, Magic Spoon was born: A guilt-free breakfast cereal that contains 12-14g of protein per serving with little to no carbs.



Magic Spoon wanted to create a delightful customer experience that allowed shoppers to discover and try as many flavors and products as possible as well as show them the benefits of subscribing to their favorites.

They had three goals in mind...

  1. Encourage customers to try new flavors (Boost AOV) 
  2. Make eating Magic Spoon a habit (Increase subscriptions)
  3. Reward customers with nostalgic branded products (Create Gift With Purchase)

Before Rebuy, Magic Spoon had a typical cart page that wasn't optimized to boost AOV or conversion. This made encouraging customers to try subscriptions a clunky experience. Options were either defaulting orders to subscription or highlighting subscriber benefits in limited ways. 

Magic Spoon Cart (2)

Above is a look at Magic Spoon's original cart which lacked personalization, popups, subscription benefit information, and the ability to reward customers. 

Using this kind of basic cart is a lot like eating cereal without milk.

Sure you can do it but... is that bowl really living up to its true potential? Why not douse that cereal in some delicious dairy (or lactose-free alternative) and create a truly magical experience?

Like that metaphorical splash of milk, Rebuy brought its kit of conversion-boosting features and AI-powered personalization options to help Magic Spoon knock their goals right out of the Bowl Park (sic).


“A lot of (ecommerce companies) don't have built-in dev resources. People like me, who are not technical, are jumping in and using Rebuy to free up dev resources to do more fundamental improvements and changes."



The first step for Magic Spoon was using Rebuy's Smart Cart.

This gave the brand the ability to customize the shopping experience and add AI-powered personalization to their checkout. What's more, Yoon-Ji highlighted the significance of Rebuy's UI and brand-facing platform being so intuitively designed that it didn't require a lot of time invested in setting it up.

She also recognized that in the event someone new took on the responsibility of optimizing Magic Spoon's cart, the handoff with Rebuy would be smooth because of its user-friendly design. Yoon-Ji also emphasized how enjoyable it was to work with a founding team where everyone was so communicative and collaborative, especially when it came to feature requests. 


"Rebuy are really building based on what we need, as opposed to some other tools that we've had not as great experiences with. So that was a really good indicator, a very big green flag for us."


Magic Spoon leaned on several one-click widgets to easily add features to their cart which enabled them to optimize the experience and drive conversions. Here's a breakdown of the Smart Cart widgets they used to tackle their challenges:

  1. In-Cart Recommendations 

  2. Switch-to-Subscription 

  3. Gift with Purchase 

So let's take a look at what the customer experience now looks like with Rebuy's Smart Cart.

Magic Spoon Cart

Two things jump out with this cart. First, the in-cart product recommendations allow customers to discover new products (different flavors, cereal bars, bundles, etc.). 

The team at Magic Spoon theorized that an increase in AOV would be a leading indicator that customers were trying new flavors. Rebuy's Smart Cart made this product discovery more accessible and engaging for customers. 

Secondly, the Switch-to-Subscription option at the top of the cart, showcases the 25% discount subscribers save when they switch from a one-time purchase to ordering the product on subscription. 


“We want people to try a lot of flavors, discover their favorite, and be able to make a habit out of eating Magic Spoon.”


This in-cart Switch-to-Subscription option, alongside a pop-up version triggered by adding a subscription-eligible product to the cart, resulted in significant increases in subscriber acquisition.

Before we share the results of their subscription opt-in, let’s look at how Magic Spoon leveraged their Smart Cart progress bar to bring nostalgia and delight to their customers.

Magic Spoon Cart (2) (1)

You can see the Gift With Purchase in action in the screenshot above, with the branded progress bar telling the customer how many dollars they are away from a free Magic Spoon and then instantly adding the free product to the cart when they've reached a pre-set amount.

Before using Gift With Purchase, the brand was trying to merchandise The Magic Spoon in two different ways:

  • Selling it outright
  • Offering it in a pre-packaged bundle
Their bundles that included The Magic Spoon would sell out every time, but if they tried to sell it by itself, the unit economics wouldn’t make sense. On the flip side, offering a bundle doesn’t always serve their customers' best interests because it increases the price that the customer pays overall.

Gift With Purchase empowered Magic Spoon to merchandise The Magic Spoon in a way that both served their customers and fit their unit economics. By offering The Magic Spoon after their customers reached a certain amount in the cart, they were able to provide their customers the freedom to purchase as much or as little as they want and get rewarded for higher purchases.
In this way, Magic Spoon can give the gift of nostalgia to their customers without breaking the bank. 

“Rebuy has really unlocked win-win opportunities for both our customers and for us.”



Revitalizing Magic Spoon's cart with Rebuy has been a tremendous success. In the last 90 days, average order value is up 14.75%, indicating that customers are trying out new products like the team at Magic Spoon hoped they would. What's more, 18,000+ products were switched to subscription using the Switch-to-Subscription widget in the Smart Cart. 


“I feel like Rebuy’s different products are able to target different core KPIs. So I wouldn’t necessarily even say this is the one KPI that Rebuy helps improve because we use it for so many different things.”


Zeroing in on Rebuy specific metrics, 12.86% of Magic Spoon's total sales can be attributed to Rebuy.

With Magic Spoon and Rebuy working together to enhance the shopper experience, it's really a lot like having delicious and nutritious cereal and eating it too ✨🥣 ♾️


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Magic Spoon saw a 14.75% increase in AOV, 18,000+ products switched to subscription, and 12.86% of their total sales attributed to Rebuy.

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