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Savory Savings: Immi Cuts Tech Stack Bill by 40% with Rebuy

Immi cut their tech stack bill by 40% by switching to Rebuy's Ecommerce Personalization Platform for Shopify

Savory Savings: Immi Cuts Tech Stack Bill by 40% with Rebuy


📉 40% reduction in tech stack bill

📈 Lift in average revenue per customer

 🔄 5-10% boost in subscription opt-in rates


🍜 Food and Beverage


🛒 Smart Cart

🔄 Switch-to-Subscription

🎁 Gift With Purchase


Kevin Lee and his co-founder Kevin Chanthasiriphan set out with a clear vision when they created immi in January 2021.

Both grew up working alongside their families in the markets of Taiwan and Thailand where making (and eating) noodles was a part of their everyday lives. But they also saw how poor nutrition led to high rates of chronic health conditions in both their families.

So both men wondered how could they pay homage to the ramen they loved growing up but reimagine it for a modern diet.

The answer was immi.

In Kevin Lee’s own words, “We wanted to take one of the world’s most popular foods, instant ramen, and reinvent it with better nutrition and high-quality ingredients, but with a lot of the delicious flavors.”

How Rebuy helped immi slash their tech stack bill by 40%

Challenge: Multiple ecommerce tools were a costly and disjointed experience

Before Rebuy, immi used three separate ecommerce integrations to feature a custom cart, reorder incentives, and a post-purchase offers tool.

The problem was this setup was a disjointed experience, having to manage each tool individually and not benefiting from a cohesive and efficient experience.

Plus, paying for three separate tools to cover various aspects of the customer experience was proving to be a costly endeavor. 

Then Rebuy came into the picture.

"We reduced our software bill by around 40% right out of the gate just from consolidating all 3 of those tools into one with Rebuy."


Solution: Consolidation with Rebuy's Ecommerce Personalization Platform 

Kevin and his co-founder learned about Rebuy through recommendations from their founder friends, who were already satisfied customers.

These friends shared how Rebuy’s ecommerce personalization platform could replace the three different tools immi was using, offering the same range of features in a more integrated manner.

Consolidating multiple different services and achieving even more functionality but all at a cheaper price? 

That’s like eating nutritious ramen made with high-quality ingredients and delicious flavoring. 

Tasty benefits with no negatives.

After meeting with the Rebuy team, immi was onboarded onto the platform which was “...a very smooth integration experience.” 

Rebuy helped design a custom cart to match the immi website branding and previous cart while also adding more advanced functionality to the experience.

“It was very much a white glove service. Our account manager examined what our previous cart experience had used and was able to replicate all of the same features and functionality. They even tacked on some new functionality like a pop-up module that helped incentivize customers to opt into our subscription, as well as additional cross-selling touch points in every part of the cart and checkout process.” 


The Delicious Results

Kevin shared that after implementing Rebuy, immi saw an almost immediate $3 increase in their average revenue per customer (ARPC) and that multiplying that across all their customers was significant additional revenue. 

After consulting with their merchant success manager on Rebuy’s subscription upsell features (in the cart, with pop-up modules, and in the checkout), Kevin and the immi team saw their subscription opt-in percentage from new customers to subscribers jump to between 5-10%.

“We knew that (the subscription upsells) would lead us to a much higher lifetime value customer. That was one thing that stood out to us immediately… The cost savings are incredible, as well as the ARPC increase. So it was a trifecta of benefits.”

A switch to subscription pop up on immi's Shopify store that's powered by Rebuy

The cherry on top of the experience–or should we say chili oil on top of the ramen–was a 40% reduction in immi’s software bill by consolidating their three previous ecommerce tools into one with Rebuy. 

Kevin also highlighted how positive the experience was working with the Rebuy team, from onboarding and implementation to troubleshooting any technical issues with customer support. 

Kevin also praised the responsiveness of Rebuy’s support team, noting that whenever they’ve reached out they’ve quickly received detailed engineering updates in response.

As a former tech product manager, he especially valued this prompt and thorough customer service.

“With Rebuy it almost feels like I’m a customer getting shipping status updates–from ‘Hey, this ticket has gone into QA’ to ‘We just filed a fix and are waiting for it be be pushed to production.’  This level of communication, I’ve not received from any company ever before. You can tell there’s a lot of intention and detail that’s been put into the support process.” 

TLDR: The Tasty Stats

The switch to Rebuy resulted in immediate benefits for immi:

  • Lift in average revenue per customer (ARPC), with an initial increase of $3 per customer
  • Jump in subscription opt-in rates by 5-10%
  • 40% reduction in software expenses by consolidating multiple ecommerce tools into Rebuy's all-in-one platform
  • 24.55% Rebuy AOV boost over the last 30 days


immi reduced their tech stack bill by 40%, lifted average revenue per customer by $3, and boosted subscription opt-in rates by 5-10% by switching to Rebuy



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