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Radiant Results: Planet Beauty Glows with 12% AOV Increase

Planet Beauty increased their AOV by 12% with Rebuy's Ecommerce Personalization Platform for Shopify.


📈 +12% AOV increase

✨ 16% of orders used a Rebuy add-on

 🔄 Subscriber growth


💋 Beauty & Personal Care


🛍️ Dynamic Bundles

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Planet Beauty are a premier beauty products retailer, offering a wide range of skincare, haircare, makeup, and beauty tools. Their commitment to quality and variety has made them a favorite destination for beauty enthusiasts. 

Verónica Canello has been with Planet Beauty since the mid-90s. Her first role was in-store, where she remembers everything was manual and they had no computers, before switching to a business operations position as the brand began transitioning to digital before the millennium. 

Needless to say, Verónica has a wealth of experience working across multiple departments, overseeing platform migrations (the brand moved to Shopify in 2021), and ecommerce operations.

Through it all Verónica's love of the beauty business has never wavered. 

Planet Beauty sees 12% AOV boost with Rebuy

"Out of all the apps that we have, Rebuy is the one where I most see actual results."

Challenge: Enhancing The Customer Experience

Planet Beauty’s migration to Shopify was a significant step forward for the brand’s digital strategy but afterward, they still were searching for a solution to enhance their ecommerce experience.

In particular, they were looking for a way to offer flexible discounts, gifts with purchase, and improve the customer experience with personalization to match the pace of the rapidly evolving ecommerce beauty industry. 

Two Planet Beauty sold products from Epicuren, sunscreen and an anti-aging lip balm held in front of a watery background


Solution: Rebuy's Ecommerce Personalization Platform 

With Rebuy, Planet Beauty were able to elevate their ecommerce experience by providing customers with a variety of rewarding purchasing opportunities (like discounts and gifts with purchase) as well as personalized product recommendations. 



With the Rebuy Smart Cart, Planet Beauty were able to provide Switch-to-Subscription options directly in the cart. This made highlighting the benefits of subscription (like displaying a 10% discount) as well as the action of turning one-time shoppers into repeat customers an effortless one-click experience.

Planet Beauty also used Rebuy to add personalized product recommendations directly on product pages and in the Smart Cart, which allowed the brand to highlight complimentary beauty products, best-sellers, and frequently bought-together suggestions.

The team at Planet Beauty also found success using Rebuy’s Dynamic Bundles to group complimentary products together (like shampoo and conditioner).

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The Beautiful Results

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in this case, it’s in the analytics dashboard. 

Verónica was able to see the glowing success of the Rebuy and Planety Beauty partnership through the increase they saw in their average order value (AOV).

Rebuy’s features have been instrumental in improving the customer experience and increasing sales through intelligent product recommendations, improved customer experience, and more.

Here is how Rebuy has impacted Planet Beauty over the last 30 days:

  • 12.37% boost in Average Order Value
  • 16.6% of orders used a Rebuy add-on
  • Most popular Rebuy Widgets by sales attribution:
    • 33% PDP recommendations
    • 28% Product discovery from in-cart recommendations
    • 16% Dynamic Bundles

“10/10. Working with Rebuy has always been very, very good. From the service, to what you guys have to offer—I never have any problems with Rebuy.”


 Over the last 30 days, Planet Beauty has seen a 12.37% increase in AOV, with over 16.6% of all orders using a Rebuy add-on.


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