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Bare Performance Nutrition orders with Rebuy get AOV pumped up by 18%

BPN boosts AOV for Rebuy orders by 18.41% with Rebuy Smart Cart's personalized product recommendations and Switch-to-Subscription widgets.


🚀 +18.41% AOV boost for Rebuy orders

📦 25.05% of orders used a

Rebuy add-on

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Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) are a fitness supplement brand committed to helping their customers achieve their health and performance goals. They offer a wide range of products from pre-workout supplements to protein powders.

In the words of BPN Ecommerce Manager Brian Purkiss, “We sell fitness supplements for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors–just anyone generally looking to get out and move and get healthier.”

BPN boosts AOV by 18% for Rebuy orders

"I would definitely give Rebuy a solid 5 stars. They've been absolutely amazing for the growth of our business... Our subscribe and save program is growing rapidly and our AOV and overall customer exploration has been great."



Before Rebuy, BPN felt they were offering a limited customer experience. They had basic product recommendations but they were highly manual and based more on intuition than data.  

“Initially, the BPN website had some attempts at product recommendations and upsells. But they were very manual. Literally, per product selecting recommendations based off of gut. No weighting based on cart contents.”

This lack of AI-powered personalization meant the brand was missing out on offering the most effective upsells or cross-sells based on customer purchasing data. Using manual recommendations also required time and bandwidth to set up and manage. 

"These recommendations were very simplistic and very manual... With Rebuy, we swapped out all of those interfaces and now have intelligent algorithm-driven offers which instantly increased our AOV by several dollars. Pretty much right out of the gate, with little customization and effort needed."

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Solution: Rebuy Smart Cart 

Brian was familiar with how beneficial personalizing the shopping cart experience with AI-powered recommendations after using Rebuy previously on two other websites. He also had firsthand experience with how supportive Rebuy’s team was behind the scenes.

“The team’s amazing. Very passionate about making better websites. They’re open to feedback and suggestions.” 

Brian used Rebuy to add personalized recommendations directly on product pages. He also implemented the Rebuy Smart Cart alongside its variety of personalization widgets such as a Tiered Progress Bar, Gift with Purchase, and Switch-to-Subscription.

“Love Switch-to-Subscription. Our subscription program has been taking off and growing rapidly. Since we implemented the Smart Cart our subscription program has been increasing subscribers consistently with no up or down wiggle at all.”

"The Rebuy implementation has been very low risk because of how seamlessly it's integrated... Customers are finding products that they weren't finding previously, so it's been great."


Another way BPN unlocked extra revenue was through the Rebuy Smart Cart’s Multi-Tier Progress Bar. Specifically, setting a free shipping threshold and a gift with purchase at different product price points.  

"We've seen that the free gift with purchase did give us a pronounced uptick in AOV by at least a few dollars."

The Results

Rebuy's personalization platform has helped BPN flex their muscles and crush their ecommerce strategy.  

With a solid increase in AOV for Rebuy orders, smarter upsells and cross-sells, and a growing subscription program, the brand has raised the bar on their bottom line.

Let's take a look at the numbers for BPN over the last 30 days:

  • 18.41% boost in Average Order Value for Rebuy orders
  • 25.05% of orders use a Rebuy add-on
  • Most popular Smart Cart widgets by sales attribution:
    • 26% Switch-to-Subscription
    • 25% Dynamic Bundles
    • 19% Product discovery from in-cart recommendations

"Rebuy can get to a point where it's a set it and forget it—except then Rebuy just comes out with new features, and there's new stuff to play. It's awesome."


 Over the last 30 days, BPN experienced an 18.41% increase in AOV for Rebuy orders, 25% of orders used a Rebuy add-on and they bolstered their subscription program with Switch-to-Subscription

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