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Rebuy Makeover: DIME’s Ecommerce Glow-Up

Discover how the Rebuy Smart Cart transformed DIME's ecommerce experience by boosting sales and personalizing the customer journey

Rebuy Makeover: DIME’s Ecommerce Glow-Up


✨ +11.9% AOV boost

🎉  27.05% of orders used a Rebuy add-on

 💜 Improved shopping experience


💄 Beauty & Personal Care


🛒 Smart Cart

🎁 Gift With Purchase

🔄 Switch-to-Subscription


DIME, the Utah-based brand founded by Master Esthetician Baylee Relf and her husband Ryan in 2018, is on a mission to create luxurious skincare and beauty products that are clean, effective, and approachable.

After studying at the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics, Baylee wanted to create a brand that was not "one size fits all" but instead be able to provide optimized skincare for people of all ages.

Photo of Baylee and Ryan Relf, co-founders of DIME

Baylee and Ryan Relf, co-founders of Dime.

When Kaitlyn Branagan, DIME’s Web Developer Lead, joined the company over the last year, she was tasked with elevating the ecommerce experience. 

She saw firsthand how their standard shopping cart lacked advanced features and functionality to provide a dynamic, personalized experience.

Challenge: Blemishes in their ecommerce experience

Digging into the brand's tech stack, Kaitlyn identified opportunities to improve the customer experience and boost revenue.

“We had a standard cart but couldn’t offer upsells or free gifts effectively. The app we used wasn’t a great user experience,” Kaitlyn explained.

The brand explored other shopping cart solutions but found them “clunky” and inefficient, lacking the range of conversion-boosting features they sought. 

Additionally, these alternatives didn’t integrate smoothly with the rest of their tech stack.

“We needed a comprehensive solution like (Rebuy) Smart Cart that offered Gift With Purchase, upsell functionality, and better tracking.”


Solution: Rebuy Makeover

Rebuy’s best-in-class shopping cart, Smart Cart, caught their attention when a freelancer recommended it to the team. It immediately piqued DIME’s interest and had them exploring the different ways in which it could benefit their brand.

“One of the most enticing things about Rebuy was all of the different widgets and functionalities you can do within the Smart Cart. You can integrate them together or use them separately.” 

Dime Gif

After DIME connected with the Rebuy team they went through the Rebuy Launch Program, a white glove service designed to streamline the implementation process and maximum ROI as quickly and easily as possible.

"The Rebuy team is unreal, they are all so fast, kind, thorough, and efficient."


Kaitlyn shared in particular how impressed she was with the Rebuy Launch Team, “They are super thorough, sending through previews, and if you send back notes they adjust. They’re really easy to work with.” 

The Rebuy Launch team helped implement key features included in the Smart Cart, such as Gift With Purchase, upsell widgets, free sample offers, and Switch-to-Subscription capabilities. 

“The cart is a lot easier to navigate and offers a better experience like being able to offer samples or a Gift With Purchase without too much effort on the customer side. It makes it very painless for the customer.”

One of the most effective widgets for DIME has been the Rebuy Product Upsell, which is triggered when a customer clicks add to cart and asks if they would like to switch to a higher-value alternative.

"(The Rebuy Product Upsell) has paid for the entire software, in one month... it makes it really easy to help offer customers other products or bundles they may not know about."


Kaitlyn also shared that DIME is working on using Rebuy Reorder Landing Pages and exploring more conversion-boosting widgets to switch to the Rebuy platform. 

Radiant Results: Rebuy & Dime Highlights

In the last 30 days, DIME has achieved the following results with Rebuy:

  • AOV Boost: 11.9% 
  • Orders with Rebuy Add-Ons: 27.8%
  • Most popular Smart Cart widgets by sales attribution:
    • 54% Switch-to-Subscription
    • 20% Product Upsell

DIME’s partnership with Rebuy significantly improved their ecommerce experience. By integrating Rebuy’s advanced solutions, the brand transformed their online shopping experience, delivering a level of personalization and efficiency that outshined their previous capabilities. 

The results speak for themselves—a substantial increase in average order value with AI-powered upsells and subscription incentive features.

Kaitlyn gave a glowing endorsement of Rebuy rating the experience a "20 out of 10," highlighting Rebuy’s exceptional support and innovative features. 

As DIME continues to explore Rebuy's full suite of conversion-boosting solutions, the future looks more beautiful than ever for their ecommerce endeavors.

 Over the last 30 days, DIME saw an 11% increase in AOV, 27% of orders used a Rebuy add-on and they strengthened their subscription program with Switch-to-Subscription

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