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Reducing Costs, Boosting Business: Every Man Jack’s journey to streamlined success with Rebuy

Discover how Every Man Jack slashed costs and accelerated growth with Rebuy's Ecommerce Personalization Platform for Shopify

Reducing Costs, Boosting Business: Every Man Jack’s journey to streamlined success with Rebuy


📈 10.68% boost in AOV

⏰ Significant time and cost savings

 🔄 Subscription program growth


🧼 Beauty and Personal Care


🛒 Smart Cart

🔄 Switch-to-Subscription

🎁 Gift With Purchase


“We make naturally derived men's grooming and personal care products for outdoor-loving guys.” 

That’s how Troy Petrunoff, Every Man Jack’s Senior Retention Marketing Manager, describes Every Man Jack. The brand is known for making the cleanest, most effective, and most affordable men’s care products from body wash, deodorant, hair care, skin care, and beard care.

Every Man Jack products are available at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon while also being sold through their DTC online store. 

Every Man Jack migrated that online store two years ago to a completely new ecommerce platform. After doing so the brand soon found themselves looking for ways to improve the customer experience, to make it more engaging, scalable, and efficient to build and maintain. 

That’s where Rebuy came into the picture.

Three Every Man Jack body wash products with a sponge, sponge brush and soap

How Rebuy's all-in-one platform helped Every Man Jack save time and money 

Challenge: Agency dependency for customizations and innovation cost both time and money

It started in 2022 when Every Man Jack underwent an extensive migration to Shopify.

“We migrated basically everything. We migrated email platform, subscription–everything.” 

The brand teamed up with an agency to assist with the platform migration and had everything built from the ground up. This approach meant introducing any new feature or making adjustments was a significant undertaking, costing time and money. 

“When we launched the new website, there was months and months of detangling.” 

When Troy reflected on the experience he acknowledged that they didn’t initially take advantage of Shopify’s app ecosystem. Investing such considerable time and money into customizations, prompted Troy and the Every Man Jack team to seek more cost-effective and scalable solutions for their ecommerce ambitions.

“All these different things that Rebuy does, I was assuming we would have to find different apps to do each different thing.”


Solution: Cutting costs and complexity with Rebuy's all-in-one platform

Troy remembers the moment Rebuy came on Every Man Jack’s radar. 

It was May of 2022 and he was sitting in the audience at an ecommerce conference listening to Rebuy's co-founder and CEO, John Erck, speak on stage about the benefits of AI-powered personalization. 

John was highlighting the success merchants were seeing using the Rebuy Smart Cart, with its variety of conversion-boosting features like personalized product recommendations, switch-to-subscription, tiered progress bar, and more.

“At that exact moment, we’d been looking at our slide-out cart and had a ticket in with our dev agency. We’d been in discussion for probably two months at that point and had another two months of dev work to go building a slide-out cart that had a progress bar.”

Troy also planned on talking to the developer agency about building more features like post-purchase offers and product recommendations. 

Then he found out Rebuy’s comprehensive platform could do all that and more (while reducing his tech stack and developer bill in the process).

“All these different things that Rebuy does, I was assuming we would have to find different apps to do each different thing.”

After meeting with Rebuy, Troy and Every Man Jack leaned on the personalization platform’s team for the initial build-out of Smart Cart and a few other different features.

“It was quick, we were used to working with a pretty slow, moving dev agency, where every little feature request took months. Rebuy was quick.”


Troy shared that after two years with Rebuy, Every Man Jack has seen impressive results, especially with the Rebuy Smart Cart. 

The personalized in-cart product recommendations and tiered progress bar to unlock free shipping or gifts continue to boost the average order value of customer carts.

Troy also outlined that the in-cart Switch-to-Subscription widget has been the main way their subscription program is growing.

Every Man Jack's online store showcasing their Rebuy Smart Cart with tiered progress bar and switch-to-subscription widgets

Troy also highlighted Rebuy’s Post-Purchase feature. 

“Post-Purchase is definitely great for boosting AOV.” 

Troy gave an example of Post-Purchase in action from last year when Every Man Jack was using the feature with great success to move products at a slight discount that were going to be discontinued.

He also loved how you could specifically personalize Post-Purchase offers to customers based on what they were purchasing. 

For instance, he highlighted how in a recent Post-Purchase campaign, Every Man Jack was targeting customers with a beard-related product in their order to be offered a beard comb after the purchase with a slight discount. 

For customers who didn't have a beard-related product in their order, Every Man Jack was using Post-Purchase to offer them face moisturizer at a discounted price.

They figured this could be a clever way to convert customers who'd heard about the importance of using a face lotion but had never purchased one by enticing them to try the product at a reduced price.

"Post-Purchase is definitely great for boosting AOV."

When asked about some of the benefit of using a platform like Rebuy as opposed to building things custom Troy said,

“The efficiencies around getting things launched quickly and not relying on outside help or a dev agency. We don’t have technical support in-house so something where I can jump in, set it up, make tweaks, or hit up the Rebuy support team for more technical assistance is great. It's nice to be able to control most of it ourselves from a non-technical perspective.”

Troy also spoke glowingly of the Rebuy Support team who he’d just interacted with the morning of this conversation, “The support team is great. They’re quick. We had an issue this morning which was resolved by the time I got online. My manager sent an email at 6:30 and it was done by 7:45.”

Another facet of the Rebuy team that Troy highlighted was Merchant Success.

Troy explained how being able to rely on their Rebuy Merchant Success manager for additional help and advice has been invaluable.

“Being able to present, here’s our goal, here’s an offer we’re thinking of running, here’s our current issue, and then getting their recommendations is helpful because there are so many different (Rebuy) features. So it’s a good way to get a head start. Getting their take on the best way to execute on that offer.”

TLDR: Ditch developer delays for Rebuy’s rapid results

Every Man Jack’s collaboration with Rebuy has substantially improved their customer experience and sales metrics. Over the last 30 days the brand has seen…

  • 10.68% AOV Boost
  • Significant time and resource savings
  • 53.56% of orders using a Rebuy add-on
  • Subscriber growth through in-cart Switch-to-Subscription

Every Man Jack boosted their AOV by 10.68%, grew their subscription program, and saved significant time and money with Rebuy's all-in-one platform

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