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Sweet Success: Legendary Foods Boosts AOV by 15% with Rebuy

Legendary Foods boosted AOV by 15% using the Rebuy Smart Cart's personalized product recommendations and Buy More, Save More widgets


🔥 +15% AOV boost

📦 39.44% of orders use a

Rebuy Add-On

⭐️ Positive impact on

customer reviews


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Legendary Foods is revolutionizing the world of junk food by adding protein and nutrition without sacrificing flavor. 

In the words of Greg Tetzlaff, VP of Marketing at Legendary Foods, the brand bridges the gap between incredible taste and amazing nutrition with re-engineered indulgent snacks like cinnamon rolls or chocolate pastries and rebuilds them with added protein and nutrition.

Legendary Foods boosts AOV 15% with Rebuy

“There was a level of holy **** is this real? That’s what I went through for the first week of being on Rebuy. Did our payments come through to our bank? This isn’t fake money, right?”



Before Rebuy, Legendary Foods wasn't satisfied with their shopping cart experience. They also weren't thrilled with the process customers had to undergo to find new flavor variants and products.

So what was most enticing about Rebuy?

For Greg, it was Rebuy's extensive functionality and the sterling reputation he'd heard from consulting with other brands. 

"Rebuy had a 1000% batting average from testimonials of other brands. I was finding myself talking to other digital marketers where Rebuy just became part of the standard lexicon: You do this and you get Rebuy. The decision was pretty cut and dry for us."  

Solution: Rebuy Smart Cart + Buy More, Save More

Legendary Foods unlocked a new level of customer experience and higher average order value by implementing the Rebuy Smart Cart. 

In particular, Greg loved the flexibility of the in-cart recommendations with the Smart Cart, "You can have three recommendations in the cart all be AI recommendations, or if your brand has something they want to feature like a new flavor or excess inventory, you can park that right at the top and have the other two still be AI."

web-6e-Legendary Foods_r1_1426 (1)

Buy More, Save More in tandem with a Tiered Progress Bar was also a great success, encouraging customers to try new flavors, stock up on their favorites and unlock free shipping. 

"It's putting all the good stuff in one spot for people to see and buy. With the AI filter on there to make recommendations out of the gate, just one lever and boom—it's driving UPT (units per transaction)."

"Tip of the cap to the dev team on the backend for all of the components that allowed me to customize the look and feel of the cart and widgets. It allowed me to dovetail them into our current brand guidelines so it looks like it was coded for us from the get-go."

Greg also mentioned seeing a direct relationship between implementing Rebuy's in-cart Buy More, Save More widget and customers leaving positive reviews.

"We've seen reviews come through that said, 'Bought this with 5% off, didn't get a chance to try this flavor last time or I had no idea you guys had chocolate cake and hot fudge sundae,' I attribute that to the fact that those were parked in the cart's "You May Also Like" section... That's a direct breadcrumb trail to this promotion being activated by Rebuy which is exactly what we wanted to see." 

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1)


The Delicious Results

The implementation of Rebuy led to impressive results for Legendary Foods over the last 30 days:

  • 15% boost in Average Order Value
  • 39.44% of orders use a Rebuy add-on
  • Most popular Smart Cart widgets by sales attribution:
    • Product discovery from in-cart recommendations (75%)
    • Buy More, Save More 13%

Through Rebuy, Legendary Foods have been able to elevate their customer experience, amply discovery of their delicious product lineup and increase revenue all at the same time.  

"I have yet to work with someone from the Rebuy Support team that has not been a complete Jedi."



Over the last 30 days, Legendary Foods saw a 15% increase in AOV,  39% of orders using a Rebuy add-on, and increased product discovery resulting in positive customer reviews

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