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Rebuy Helps E-Commerce Brands on Shopify Supercharge Sales With Omnichannel Personalization

Rebuy Helps E-Commerce Brands on Shopify Supercharge Sales With Omnichannel Personalization

SAN DIEGO, California, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Rebuy, a provider of omnichannel personalization services for eCommerce brands on Shopify, today announced a strong year of growth driven by customer, product, partner, and team expansion in 2020.

The global pandemic has fundamentally changed the way businesses operate. Global retail eCommerce sales grew 27% as more Americans embraced online shopping to maintain social distancing. Retail sales surpassed $4 trillion in 2020 and are expected to eclipse $5 trillion this year. As a result, shoppers expect more from eCommerce stores.  

“Brands have started to realize how important it is to make their online stores intelligent.” - John Erck, Co-Founder of Rebuy

Rebuy’s personalization engine for Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), designed to enable store owners to meet consumers’ rising expectations and drive sales, leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to offer personalized online shopping experiences, thus increasing order values, conversion rates, and repeat business.

Shopify store owners using Rebuy enjoy several benefits including: 

  • Omnichannel personalization. Personalize the shopping experience throughout the buyer’s journey. Add intelligent recommendations at key decision points to offer the right product at the right time.

  • Sales automation. Rebuy automatically increases sales and order values for your Shopify store with hyper-relevant upsells, cross-sells, and automated order follow-ups. 

  • Full customization. Customize every detail, or plug and play using pre-built product recommendations.

  • Built-in conversion tracking. View real-time in-app reports so you can see exactly how Rebuy is growing your store at every touchpoint.

  • Native integration with Shopify and ReCharge. Rebuy also integrates with Klaviyo and any other eCommerce platform through its RESTful API.

  • Shopify Plus enhancements. Seamless integration with Shopify Scripts allows you to employ popular sales strategies like dynamic checkout offers, flash discounts, gift with purchase, complete the look, and more.

  • White glove support. Rebuy’s support team works with you to ensure you maximize ROI and see positive results right away. 

  • No code or technical expertise required. Rebuy is designed for non-coders and developers alike.

While eCommerce service providers like Attentive, Yotpo, and Klaviyo drive traffic to the online store, Rebuy enhances the online store by tailoring the user experience (UX) according to each visitor’s unique shopping patterns.

“We have achieved success so far by unlocking remarkable gains for merchants on the Shopify platform,” says Co-Founder, John Erck. “Think about how powerful the online store is. Klaviyo puts the user in the online store. Attentive sends text messages. All link to the online store. Brands have started to realize how important it is to make their online stores intelligent.” 

2020 highlights include:

  • >2,354% total revenue 

  • Team expansion from 3 employees to 12 employees 

  • 40 million orders processed 

Strengthening Rebuy’s elite team of innovators and its ability to grow sales for customers, the company announced the appointment of Dylan Gifford as director of growth and Dylan Ashby as director of engineering. 

About Rebuy

Founded by two developers-brothers in 2017, Rebuy empowers Shopify stores of all sizes to offer personalized shopping experiences designed to increase conversions, boost order values, and retain more customers using intelligent upsells, cross-sells, and post-purchase follow-ups. 

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