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Revolutionize Search, Maximize Revenue

Unlock the power of personalized product discovery, site search, and merchandising on Shopify. Drive additional revenue with data-rich insights.


Revolutionize Search,
Maximize Revenue

Unlock the power of personalized product discovery and merchandising, and drive revenue with data-rich insights.



Personalized Product Discovery for Shopify Stores.

Make it easy for customers to find the products they're looking forand the products they'll loveby weaving personalized recommendations into your search results.

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       REB_icon_check_14_r10Global search (featured products, custom keyword rules)
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Data-Rich Insights That
Drive Revenue.

Connect search data to revenue to better understand your shoppers, what they're searching for, which searches are driving revenue, and more, so you can grow your Shopify business.

Smarter Merchandising

By knowing the search terms shoppers use and the products they buy, you can more effectively promote your products through bundles, up-sells, cross-sells, and recommendations.

More Efficient Marketing 

Use detailed analytics on what your shoppers are searching for, which terms work, and which ones don't to plan your marketing, decide where to place ads, and choose the right keywords to focus on.

Better Inventory Management

Use the Top Products, Top Searches, and Filter data to influence decisions on what products to have in stock, the variants to offer, and if you should add more options. Leverage the No Results report to figure out new products shoppers want. 

Easy to Set Up, Maintain,
and Update. 

The intuitive user interface makes setup and maintenance easyno need to wait for Rebuy. Whether you use Smart Search's pre-configured templates or custom code your own, create the best search experience for your store.

Pre-Configured Templates

Quickly get started with beautifully designed templates. Choose your top layouts and interactions, then tweak features and defaults effortlessly.

Use Custom Code

Easily incorporate your own custom templates to get a pixel perfect on-brand feel by leveraging our powerful API to build fast, accurate, and flexible search experiences for your theme or headless site.

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Maximize AOV.
 Unlock Additional Revenue.

AI-Powered Search Robot

AI-Powered Search

Deliver unbelievably accurate search results, packed with powerful features to help merchandise traffic, optimize store performance, and increase revenue and conversions.

Lightning Fast

Lightning Fast Results

Our search engine is designed to deliver highly accurate results in less than 200 milliseconds.


Powerful Merchandising

Promote specific products or leverage product attribute rules to influence the order of products returned in search results.


Detailed Reporting & Business Intelligence

View in-depth analytics about search volumes, click rates, add to cart rates, conversion rates, and revenue, and optimize and merchandise your search traffic.

Easy to Configure

Easy to Configure Templates, Unlimited Options

Pick your favorite layouts and interactions, configure your available features and defaults, and offer the best search experience to your customers.

Scales with You

Scales With You

Supercharge your search results, no matter how big your catalog becomes! Effortlessly fine-tune your search experience and watch your revenue grow.

Maximize AOV.
Unlock Additional Revenue.

Powered by personalized merchandising. Configure your site's search experience and go live in minutes. To learn more and see how Smart Search can benefit your business, schedule a demo today!


69% of shoppers go straight to the search bar

80% of customers leave due to a poor search experience

24% increased sales and conversions using autocomplete

Level up your site search experience today!