Rebuy Support Policy ("Support Policy")

Last updated: August 26, 2021

Our mission is to create intelligent shopping experiences. This means that we have to limit what we can do in regards to custom designs and integrations so that we can focus on constantly improving the core product.

This guide highlights the customizations and integrations we can and cannot support.

Please take a look at our Getting Started guide to jumpstart your Online Store with Rebuy!

Note: This list is a living document and may be updated without notice.


Support Policy

We offer technical support only to our customers via email (or chat/ a private invite-only Slack Channel for Shopify Plus and Enterprise plan merchants). We will help you answer questions regarding the installation, setup, modification, and customization of your Rebuy integration, or if you're having trouble with your account. You can find tons of answers by logging in and then clicking "Help Center" on the right side of your Rebuy Dashboard.

If you are not our customer and you need some generic information regarding Rebuy or our company, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Support Hours

We’re online to answer questions Monday to Friday, 8 am-5 pm, Pacific Time (PT). If you have any questions or have run into a roadblock, check out our Help Center for common debugging answers! Our default support language is English, but have had successful support inquiries solved using Deepl Translator.

Extent of Our Support

Our support covers all things Rebuy out of the box. If you are working with a developer or agency that is building a custom solution, we have developer documentation to help answer common questions. We cannot give support that isn’t related to Rebuy (E.g. third-party plugins).


As part of our premium support, we will help you with minor customizations (for example custom CSS overrides to make sure the integration matches the look and feel of your Online Store). However, we have great Rebuy Certified Partners available if your request is considered a complex change.

Escalation Policy

It is our commitment to fix all Rebuy bugs as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. Critical requests will be responded to in 30 minutes or less, High Priority requests within 12 hours, and all other requests within 3 business days. If we are unable to answer your question or resolve your problem right away, we’ll create a ticket and keep you informed while we come to a solution. If you have an emergency or need after-hours support please reach out to live support here. (Please use the subject line “Escalation Policy Critical” if the request is urgent).

If you discover any bugs please contact us. Thank you!

Need to Know

With Rebuy, it's easy to personalize your online store and outreach tactics while integrating seamlessly with many third-party apps. If you're tech-savvy or have some help from a Rebuy Certified Partner, it is possible to make significant custom modifications to your theme.

Warning: If you choose to make significant changes to your site after you install the app, the Rebuy customer success team is limited in our ability to help.

  • Rebuy’s ability to assist with debugging issues on custom or non-major themes is limited.
  • Rebuy cannot make style changes to your theme. (only Rebuy styles related to the Rebuy theme)
  • Rebuy cannot create custom Data Sources.
  • Rebuy cannot create custom code for one-off solutions (but please share features you would like to see).
  • Rebuy cannot debug Liquid or JavaScript issues related to your custom theme that is not part of the Rebuy app.

We support basic theme integration using the Rebuy app. For themes that are not supported or that we have not found sufficient documentation for, we recommend you use a Rebuy third party expert for installing on a customized theme.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Support Policy, please contact us.