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3 Easy Ways to Boost BFCM Sales With Onsite Personalization

3 Easy Ways to Boost BFCM Sales With Onsite Personalization

Prepare your store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday now so you can reap the rewards during the biggest shopping days of the year.

With Black Friday and the holidays right around the corner, you might be asking yourself, "What should I be doing NOW to ensure my most successful BFCM ever?"
As the cost of acquisition continues to put pressure on Shopify stores, brands are preparing to capitalize on their existing traffic and optimize their store for revenue.
Ecommerce sales from Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) exceeded $38 billion in 2020, and are projected to grow by double digits in 2021. So, the smartest thing to do right now is to optimize your funnel to offer smart, personalized shopping experiences to your customers while purchase intent is high.
Here are 3 ways to quickly boost BFCM sales you can use today.

Gift with Purchase

There are three key benefits to using gift with purchase (GWP) offers in your sales strategy. First, GWP offers inspire brand loyalty when word spreads about your free gifts. Second, you can use GWP offers to manage your inventory (buy X get Y). Finally, GWP inspires your customers to spend more which increases your AOV. Triple win!
Rebuy makes it easy to create GWP campaigns that help you boost sales on BFCM and beyond. For example, when a GWP offer is accepted Rebuy automatically adds the gift to the cart for instant satisfaction. Because your customer doesn't have to search around to add the gift item themselves, you save them time.
Another convenient feature lets you automate the start and end time of your sales promo. This means you don’t have to lift a finger when it's time to launch your BFCM campaigns.
In this example, Redline Steel offers a free gift with a $50 spending threshold combined with a buy-one-get-one-half-off promo. They advertise it on the hero banner and promote it in the top bar. As you can see, once the subtotal exceeds $50, the free gift appears in the cart automatically as a $0 item.
GWP-redline-steel-1GWP is a popular sales promotion because it’s so versatile and effective. It all comes down to converting your shopper into a loyal customer.
Start creating GWP promos for your store here.

In-Checkout Cross-Sells (For Shopify Plus & Recharge)

For stores on Shopify Plus, and for those using Recharge, in-checkout cross-sells are a key competitive advantage. This is especially true during the BFCM holiday rush.
But, that advantage won't be available much longer. According to Shopify Unite 2021, the feature will be open to all merchants starting in 2022. So, take advantage of your in-checkout cross-sells this year, before they become available to everyone. 
Two quick tips when offering in-checkout cross-sells.
  1. Lower-priced items offer the highest ROI. So, offer items priced at about 15-30% of your target AOV. 
  2. Ensure that products offered at checkout are easy for your customers to understand. You want a product customers can add impulsively without the need to research or weigh costs.
Think of in-checkout cross-sells as the candy section at the checkout of a grocery store. It's an opportunity to increase cart value while offering a little extra to customers with high purchase intent.
With the basics out of the way, let’s look at a few ideas you can use to boost BFCM sales this year with in-checkout cross-sells.

Mystery Gift

Offering a mystery item at a discounted price is a great way to boost AOV. Plus, mystery gifts allow you to offload any product that has been sitting in your inventory. 
To offer a mystery gift at checkout, simply position one or more discounted mystery gifts directly on the checkout page. We've seen Uncommon James use this promo to perfection with their monthly mystery items.
To show you what we mean, here's an example we created in the Rebuy demo store.
Pro Tip: Use an automation tool like Shopify Flow to tag customers who have purchased a mystery gift. Then, market new mystery items to this customer segment in the future.

Skip the Line

"I can't wait to stand in line for the holidays," said no one ever.
Don't you sometimes wish you could flip a switch and skip to the front? Shoppers to your online store can do just that when you offer a “Skip the Line” product at checkout.
Create a new product called Skip the Line, give it a lower price tag (like $5), and offer it in the checkout. Then, add a "Priority" tag to orders that include the Skip the Line product. Next, notify your fulfillment team to ship those orders first. To do that, you can use an automation tool like Shopify Flow to notify you when a customer buys the Skip the Line add-on. 
Here's how The Home T offers a Skip the Line product in their checkout.

Free Shipping

Does your store offer free shipping? 
Imagine your shopper excitedly entering their payment info to buy your new product. Then they see it. “A shipping cost?” There’s no bigger disappointment. It's true. In a study by Forrester, online shoppers listed shipping costs as the #1 cause of cart abandonment. Many shoppers buy extra stuff just to clear the threshold and get free shipping! 
If that buzzkill isn’t enough, shoppers willing to pay for shipping have to navigate back to the store, find another product, add it to the cart, and, if they don’t get distracted or lose their patience, they might convert. But by that time the excitement may have worn off.
Get this.
With Rebuy, you can create a rule that recommends the perfect product here: a related item that bumps the customer just up to the free shipping threshold. Best of all, it happens directly in checkout without interrupting the customer's flow. Excitement remains high. Not only can free shipping increase your AOV, but it can also lift your conversion rate! 
In the examples below, Rockstar Original offers discounted cross-sells sufficient for the customer to obtain free shipping. And they take care to cross-sell affordable items their shoppers can buy on impulse.rockstar-free-shippingrockstar-free-shipping2

One-Click Post Purchase Offers

Post-purchase offers occur immediately after a customer completes an order (but before the Thank You page). These offers are ideal because excitement and trust peak at the point of sale. And because the order is already complete, post-purchase offers do not impact your conversion rate. 
Rebuy’s built-in countdown timer creates a sense of urgency for the customer and our rules engine ensures you can be flexible with your promotions. 
What’s more, one-click post-purchase offers are super convenient for both the customer and the merchant. When a post-purchase offer converts, Rebuy edits the original order. No need for your customer to re-enter payment details! 
A few ideas for Post Purchase Offers:

Ecommerce Personalization: The Complete Guide for Founders, Merchants, and Marketers

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Accessories. Rebuy’s flexible rules engine allows you to customize offers based on items contained in the original order. Or, put offers on auto-pilot when you assign Rebuy's AI to offer complimentary items often purchased by previous customers. 
Buy 1 Gift 1. Offer two of the same product, and encourage the customer to gift one. 
Subscriptions. Customers using Recharge can upsell subscriptions post-purchase with a single click. This is a great way to increase AOV, retention, and subscriber count.
Mystery Gift. While mystery gifts make a great in-checkout cross-sell, they're also perfect for post-purchase offers.
Stores making post-purchase offers with Rebuy can get an offer up and running in a few minutes. Imagine how adding a few dollars per order can quickly add up at scale! 
Here's a quick look at how a post-purchase offer for a mystery gift appears immediately after your customer completes an order.
There you have it: three easy ways to boost BFCM sales with onsite personalization. We hope these tips help you sell the lights out this holiday season!
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