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New Integration: Rebuy & Builder.io

We are excited to announce that Rebuy is now integrated with Builder.io.

We are excited to announce that Rebuy is now integrated with Builder.io, a digital experience creator allowing Shopify merchants and others to build and optimize eCommerce content on any tech stack or platform.

No Coding Experience? No problem

Creating and optimizing content for your online store isn’t just a trend. It’s the name of the game. While COVID-19 has led companies to invest more in digital platforms, entrepreneurs and eCommerce managers are looking for new solutions to stay competitive.

Some considerations: 

  • Euromonitor International estimates 17% of all goods will be bought online in 2021, nearly doubling from 2016

  • It only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your storefront—and 94% of those first impressions are related to design

  • Consumers expect more from businesses than they ever have

As an online store owner with no coding experience, you still need to build high-quality, well-designed eCommerce content that will grow your brand. There may be dozens (or even hundreds) of product pages, landing pages, collection pages, blogs, pop-ups, and carts to build in your future. As a result, you need to create, optimize, and pivot, better and faster than ever before. 

Faster and More Flexible

Introducing Builder.io, a visual development platform for eCommerce which gives Shopify merchants and others the power to build beautiful digital experiences incredibly fast without entering a line of code.

Builder.io is more than a top-notch page builder. Why? Because it integrates seamlessly with your Shopify theme’s templates using Builder.io for Shopify. That’s huge. While there are many page builder apps in the Shopify app store, none of them integrate with your Shopify theme.

"Rebuy has become increasingly popular with merchants using the Builder.io platform, so it was a no brainer to explore a partnership.” - Brent Locks, Co-Founder, Builder.io

Unlike digital experience platforms (DXPs) that are often rigid all-in-one systems, you can pick and choose how, where, and when to use Builder.io throughout your website. Use Builder.io to manage one part of your storefront, the entire thing, or specific components of your store, like the cart page, blog archives, or login and sign-up pages.

Because Builder.io for Shopify combines the deep integration of a theme editor with the ease of a drag-and-drop page builder, you have access to a unique blend of powerful capabilities you can’t get elsewhere. Here are a few standout features.

Custom dropzones. Add dropzones anywhere on your site. For example, you can add a dropzone to your cart page, then drop in upsells and cross-sells to automatically increase the average order value (AOV).

Different content experiences for different customer segments. Surface personalized content based on a number of attributes. For example, whether the visitor is logged in or out, previous shopping activity, and more.

Heat maps. Glance at the heat maps available in Builder.io to learn what actions your customers are taking, how they impact the bottom line, and where you can increase conversions. 

"With this new integration, Builder.io users can simply drag and drop a Rebuy app template into any Builder.io content to generate high-performing product recommendations." - Brent Locks, Co-Founder, Builder.io

Enable Integration

Because Rebuy is already available in Builder.io’s app template library, the hard work has been done for you! Simply connect Rebuy to Builder.io via API, then drag-and-drop the Rebuy template into any Builder.io page you like—on product pages or any other page or section. For steps to add the Rebuy app template to your Builder.io content, follow these easy steps

Search the template library in Builder.io for the Rebuy app template:


Drag and drop the Rebuy app template into your content to see your recommended products: 

recommended-slider-view Rebuy is the first personalization app template designed for Builder.io for Shopify. “We were impressed by Rebuy's flexible API-first approach to their platform, which made an integration incredibly simple,” said Brent Locks, Co-Founder of Builder.io. 

Rebuy & Builder.io

Now available for all users of Builder.io for Shopify, the Rebuy <> Builder.io integration makes it easy for Shopify merchants to leverage Rebuy-powered upsells and cross-sells in any content you create on Shopify with Builder.io.

Try Rebuy free and see why the world’s top brands use Rebuy to accelerate sales growth.

Interested in partnering with Rebuy? Let's do it. To keep up with the latest trends, platform updates, and more, follow us on LinkedIn.

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