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New Integration: Rebuy & Okendo

We are excited to announce that Rebuy is now integrated with Okendo.

We are excited to announce that Rebuy is now integrated with Okendo, the all-in-one platform for generating customer content including ratings, reviews, photos, videos, feedback, and Q&A, built specifically for Shopify retailers.

Social Proof Builds Trust

The digital age has changed the way consumers purchase goods and services. Before making a purchase 20 years ago, you consulted with friends, family, and the salesperson. Now, you can read about the experiences of others from around the globe, who have purchased the exact same product you’re shopping for, via product ratings and reviews.

Word of mouth has gone global, and online reviews are growing in popularity. Have a look at the following data points.

  • In 2020, 87% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses (up from 81% in 2019, and way up from 67% back in 2010). 

  • 93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchase decision. 

  • Products are 270% more likely to sell with as few as five reviews. 

  • Social proof is powerful. And for small and mid-size businesses without the brand loyalty of a household name, it’s essential.

A Trusted Platform

Introducing Okendo - a trusted customer marketing platform offering brands on Shopify a full suite of tools for collecting and showcasing ratings and reviews across multiple channels. 

Okendo enables Shopify retailers of all sizes to showcase highly compelling social proof that builds trust, generates engagement, and drives conversions. 


“The Okendo <> ReBuy integration empowers merchants to combine two proven marketing approaches - personalization and social proof, delivering outstanding results on key measures like conversion rates and AOV.” - Matt Goodman, Co-Founder, Okendo


Ratings and reviews are just the beginning. Okendo capabilities allow you to: 

  • Capture actionable data about your products and consumers.

  • Accelerate review generation with powerful email sequences.

  • Enhance your Google presence with ratings, reviews, and UGC.

Okendo delivers compelling social proof for thousands of fast-growing brands like Scotch Porter, Nomad Goods, and many more.

Personalization + Social Proof = Best Practice

To help Shopify merchants leverage the power of social proof, Rebuy has integrated with Okendo, used by 3,000+ high-growth Shopify brands to build shopper trust and excitement. 

Customers using Okendo to build trust online can now display product-specific star ratings within Rebuy’s personalized product recommendations.

Mink Hair Wholesale, a provider of all-natural skincare products, recently saw a 17.72% relative improvement to average order value (AOV) by including Okendo’s reviews in Rebuy’s upsells and cross-sells.

Other brands already using the integration have seen significant increases in both AOV and sales volume. 

Enabling the Rebuy-Okendo Integration

It’s easy to enable Okendo ratings to appear in your Rebuy upsell and cross-sell widgets. After activating the Okendo integration, click “Enable Okendo Reviews” while editing a Rebuy widget. 

Now, you can convert more traffic and create personalized onsite experiences for your customers when you pair Okendo reviews with Rebuy-powered product recommendations. Enable-Okendo-for-Rebuy

Implementation Examples

Okendo users can surface ratings and reviews in all Rebuy-powered personalization experiences. Popular touchpoints include:  

  • Home Page

  • Product Description Page (PDP)

  • Cart Page 

  • Smart Cart

  • Checkout Page

  • Thank You Page

Early adopters of the Rebuy <> Okendo integration are enhancing Rebuy’s personalization touchpoints with high-impact social proof from Okendo. Have a look.

Home Page - Hollywood Hair Bar


PDP - Primal Kitchen


Checkout Page - Miracle Mink


Rebuy & Okendo

Now available on all Rebuy payment plans, the Okendo integration makes it easy for Shopify merchants to leverage the power of Okendo reviews in Rebuy’s intelligent product recommendations.

Try Rebuy free and see why the world’s top brands use Rebuy to accelerate sales growth.

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