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Take a look at how brands are using Rebuy to create customer experiences that convert.



Duradry x Rebuy: Product Recommendations and Switch-to-Subscription to their custom cart, In-Checkout Recommendations and Reorder Landing Page.


GFUEL uses a fully-branded Smart Cart: Product Recommendations, Switch-to-Subscription, Attentive Smart Cart App, and a Multi-Tiered Shipping Bar.


Licorice.com uses Smart Cart, and two powerful in-checkout upsells: personalized recommendations and free shipping incentive recommendations.


&Collar creates an shopping experience with Product Recommendations in every part of the journey: on the Product page, in the Smart Cart and...

Snow Teeth Whitening

Snow pairs a fully loaded Smart Cart with merchandising throughout the customer journey - from pop-up upsells in cart to cross-sells in checkout.

Au Vodka

Au Vodka uses Dynamic Bundles, a Product Page Recommendation Carousel and a Smart Cart to create a shopping experience that is proven to convert.


Theory11 pairs a branded Smart Cart with a branded Post-Purchase follow up to increase AOV and product discovery.

Primally Pure

Primally Pure creates a trusted and secure experience through a branded Smart Cart with Route's Smart Cart App and Loyalty Rewards. 

Sports Research

Sports Research uses Dynamic Bundles alongside their Smart Cart to create a frictionless customer journey.


Swolverine combines Product Add-Ons, a Product Carousel and Smart Cart to increase conversion and subscribers throughout the customer journey.


Tentree uses Rebuy's Smart Cart, Post-Purchase Offers, In-Checkout Customization to create a cohesive and converting website journey.


Solawave uses a branded Smart Cart and personalized product recommendations on each product page to increase product discovery, trust and loyalty.


Hexclad uses Rebuy's Personalized Product Recommendations, Product Add-Ons and Smart Cart to create a customer experience that converts.


Aroma 360 uses Rebuy's Smart Cart to create a personalized and branded experience that makes becoming a subscriber effortless.


Pictured here is Viori using Rebuy's Smart Cart with the Multi-Tier Progress Bar with Gift With Purchase and the Switch to Subscription option.

Liquid Death

Liquid Death using Rebuy's Smart Cart and Personalized Recommendations on both the Cart and the Product Page to increase AOV, Product Discovery and...

The Beard Club

The Beard Club uses Rebuy to increase make reordering products effortless, increasing LTV, product discovery and AOV.

Magic Spoon

Magic Spoon uses Rebuy to increase conversion, AOV and build trust with customers all while creating a highly branded experience.