Welcome to the Bundle: Killer Bundling Tips to Make More on BFCM

Bundling yields major benefits year round which are maximized during the BFCM weekend. Here are 5 bundling tips to sell more on BFCM.

Ah, yes. Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM)—the two biggest shopping days of the year.

In 2021, consumer spending reached a new high with shoppers spending a whopping $275 billion in global online sales during the holiday weekend. In the US alone, nearly 155 million Americans shopped during BFCM in 2021

Here's something you already know: the BFCM weekend is an opportunity for both physical and online stores to boost revenue. In fact, most of today’s shoppers expect stores to start promoting their BFCM deals starting November 1.

What you may not know is this: a killer bundle is one of the best deals you can offer eager shoppers on BFCM.

Not only are product bundles a great way to help shoppers save money thus boosting their loyalty, it’s also a fast, easy way to increase your sales and average order value (AOV). 

Below, we’ll review the basics of product bundling, the benefits it brings, and five killer bundling tips to use this BFCM. 

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A Quick Overview of Product Bundling

Product bundling happens when you group products together and sell them as a unit for a slightly lower price. Think shampoo and conditioner, razor and razor blades, flights and hotels, etc. 

Bundling allows stores to earn more than selling products individually and can help maximize ROI on lesser-known or slow-moving products.

There are numerous types of product bundles and they’ll vary from store to store, but here are a few of the most common:

  • Pure: These are products that are only sold as a bundle—they’re not available for individual purchase. While this does limit shopper flexibility, pure bundling rare or limited products together encourages shoppers to purchase them before they’re gone. Hello Fresh is an example of pure bundling. The retailer sells fresh food items as a set so buyers can create a meal at home.
  • Mixed: This type of bundling allows shoppers to either choose to buy the individual product or bundle it with a similar item. Think buying just a Big-Mac from McDonalds or opting for the Big-Mac meal.
  • Mix-and-match: Mix-and-match bundling enable shoppers to choose from a variety of products and create a customized package. For example, consumers can go to a doughnut store and purchase a dozen doughnuts and specify which flavors they want.

Why Offer Product Bundles on BFCM?

While product bundling yields numerous benefits during the rest of the year, these benefits are maximized during the BFCM weekend. Shoppers are looking for the best value for their money, so if they can get two or three products for a lesser price, they’re more likely to make a purchase. 

Some other benefits include:

  • Higher AOV: The ‘buy now’ mentality is especially high during the BFCM weekend. Customers who see great deals on multiple products are more likely to purchase more, thus increasing AOV and overall sales.
  • Encourage product discovery: Product bundling increases exposure to additional items in your store and encourages shoppers to give them a try. It’s an easy way to increase cart value and bring in more profits.
  • Simplify and improve customer experience: Most shoppers know exactly what they’re looking for during this busy shopping season—and they want to make these purchases quickly. Grouping products together that have shoppers’ needs in mind dramatically speeds up the shopping experience resulting in an overall faster, more positive experience.

Try These Five Killer Tips to Boost Your BFCM Sales

So now that you know what product bundling is and why you need it, let’s talk about a few strategies that will maximize your BFCM sales.

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1. Group Complementary Products Together

First up, try grouping related products. For example, when someone purchases a new laptop they might also want a laptop case, extra USB cord, screen cleaner, or extra software, right?

Bundling relevant products together helps you meet the specific needs of your audience—needs they may not realize they have! This level of service increases the likelihood they’ll keep shopping with you after the BFCM weekend.

Primally Pure offers an excellent example with this mixed bundle of high-end complementary skincare products. There's no discount (likely because they know their shoppers are not cost-sensitive) yet it performs well. Why? Because they save time for their customers by conveniently packaging it in a way that highlights their common use case ("Skin Game Strong").

The variant selectors make it easy for the customer to quickly select their products and add all four items to the cart with a click. Primally Pure

2. Offer Data-Driven Bundles

This next strategy lets your store’s sales data and your customers’ purchase behaviors determine what products to bundle. Let the data tell you what your customers are searching for and purchasing and then create a bundle based on that insight.

For example, if your data shows a large segment of your customers love to buy two products separately, try bundling those products together and offering it with a small discount. 

By offering data-driven bundles, you're more likely to convert existing customers and attract new ones who are also searching for the same great deal.

3. Emphasize Savings

One of the biggest attractions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the savings. And Bundle and Save promotions are a great way to emphasize savings since shoppers are getting more items for a lower price.

Highlighting those savings is also a great way to help shoppers see the value in the bundle and keep them coming back for more.

Here's a squeaky clean example of a mixed bundle from Promix, maker of clean supplements and snacks for athletes.

Promix bundle

By encouraging shoppers to purchase bigger bundles at a discounted price helps you to sell more products while simultaneously providing customers with more value. Plus, it helps customers feel good about shopping with you, increasing customer loyalty and retention even after the weekend is over.

4. Let Customers Build Their Own Bundle

Go a step further than recommending products and let customers choose what they want in their bundle. This allows them to not only find something great for themselves, but also the perfect gift for friends and family. Plus, this option provides that highly-personalized experience today’s shoppers crave.

5. Keep it Simple

If you’ve ever gone shopping on Black Friday or participated in Cyber Monday, you know how busy it is. That’s why it’s so important to keep your product bundles simple. You don't want to overwhelm customers with excessively elaborate or confusing bundles. Smaller bundles that make sense to your customers and can be easily added to the cart are usually best.

Here's a fantastic example of Ritual Zero-Proof keeping it dead simple. They use a Rebuy Smart Link on a landing page with just one button. The page proudly advertises the Ritual Bart Cart Bundle and when a shopper clicks the Buy Now button, all 5 items immediately load into the cart flyout. The savings is clearly shown so the shopper knows they're getting a deal.  

Convenience + Savings = Conversions


(See how Ritual Zero-Proof used Rebuy to increase AOV 46% and subscription revenue by 66%.)

Get Ready for BFCM With Rebuy

Remember, in order for your BFCM product bundles to be successful, they have to meet  shoppers’ specific needs. And the best way to build and personalize product bundles just in time for the busiest shopping weekend of the year is with Rebuy

Our AI-powered personalization engine instantly gathers, organizes, and presents customer information to you in an easily digestible format, allowing you to see which products your shoppers really want. To learn more about Rebuy, check out our demo site or drop us a line!


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