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Case Study: Roma Designer Jewelry Uses Rebuy to Lift Average Order Value

Roma Designer Jewelry personalizes the online customer experience and wins big.

Roma Designer Jewelry offers unique and timeless jewelry collections from Milan, Paris, Bali, Israel, and more at fair prices. After a successful run in the Costco Roadshow program, the team at Roma made the strategic decision in 2019 that would impact their business forever: They decided to transition away from retail to embrace a digital-first approach.

Suddenly, Roma had no in-person sales force to educate potential customers and offer product recommendations to Costco shoppers.

“After doing our own research and looking at the incredible support that Rebuy offers, it became clear that Rebuy was the best solution for us.” - Deven Davis, Roma Designer Jewelry


After trying other solutions that didn’t meet expectations, Deven Davis and the team at Roma Designer Jewelry contacted Rebuy for help. Deven partnered with Rebuy to build a Rebuy-powered solution that would delight Roma’s online shoppers, look beautiful on the site, and lift Average Order Value (AOV). 

Read the Roma Designer Jewelry success story to see the exciting results


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