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Rebuy Experts: How electrIQ marketing Uses Rebuy to Supercharge AOV, CR, and Retention

The founder of electrIQ marketing reveals his methods for using Rebuy to help his clients grow, and gives live examples of integrations with Okendo, Klaviyo, Recharge, and Malomo.

We love it when customers and partners share how they use Rebuy to grow their businesses. 

That’s what happened recently when the founder of electrIQ marketing Brandon Amoroso let fly a 30-minute comprehensive top-down walk-through of the Rebuy platform on LinkedIn.

Take it away, Brandon!


Using live examples furnished by the Amora Coffee shop and the Your Super online store, Brandon takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the platform, showing exactly how he uses his favorite Rebuy tools to help brands boost AOV, increase conversion rate, and improve retention.

"You’re really incentivized to utilize [Rebuy] in as many different touchpoints as possible."

Brandon covers a lot of ground, hitting on a number of powerful features he and his team are using to help brands grow.

Here’s a sneak peek at the content, in Brandon's words: 

Smart Cart™: “Free shipping bar threshold, tiered gift-with-purchase structure, product cross-sells, upgrade to subscribe & save, and more!”

Gift With Purchase: “A great way to incentivize hitting a certain AOV. You can even tier it so that $50 orders get X, $75+ orders get Y, $100+ orders get Z, and so on.”

In-checkout cross-sells: "Customers who bought this also added" shown in the Shopify and Recharge checkout.”

Post-Purchase 1-click Cross-sells: "You have 5 minutes to add this additional product to your order for 30% off.”

Reorder Landing Pages: “Supercharge your Klaviyo replenishment and win-back flows by driving customers to a page that has their previous order populated, additional recommended products, a free shipping threshold, and 1-click to checkout.”

Order Tracking Pages: “Utilize Rebuy widgets in your Malomo order tracking pages to showcase relevant product upsells powered by Rebuy's AI engine.”

Re-activation Landing Pages: “Bolster your Recharge subscription canceled win-back flows with 1-click to reactivate functionality.”

"There’s a bunch of different apps within the Shopify ecosystem that [Rebuy] combines into one."

Brandon says once you’ve got the basics down, consider using a tool like Google Optimize to A/B test everything above in order to measure and optimize performance. 


Throughout the presentation, he explains how he uses a number of seamless integrations to enhance the customer experience in key ways. 

  • Okendo for leveraging the power of your reviews when merchandising recommended products, upsells, and cross-sells

  • Klaviyo for driving your replenishment and one-time order follow-ups to Rebuy Engine's frictionless reorder pages 

  • Recharge for Switch to Subscription workflows directly in the Rebuy Smart Cart 

  • Malomo for dynamic product recommendations on the Malomo order tracking page

There are more examples in the video demonstrating powerful use cases for Rebuy's set of highly-integrated personalization features. But for those, you’ll have to watch for yourself!

We’re thrilled to see Rebuy experts sharing how they use the platform to create intelligent shopping experiences. Thanks to Brandon Amoroso and the amazing team at electrIQ marketing for being great partners!


Interested in working with electrIQ marketing? Reach out to Brandon Amoroso on LinkedIn or request a discovery call at electriqmarketing.com.

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