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Don’t Stop Be-leafing: FEEY Plants a Seed, Grows AOV 20%
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Don’t Stop Be-leafin': feey Plants a Seed, Grows AOV 20%

When a change in tax rates soiled the status quo, plant shop feey used the power of Rebuy to carve a new path and generate lush returns.


🔥 +20.53% AOV


📦 57.4% of orders include a Rebuy add-on


📈 17% of sales attributed

to Rebuy


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"Plants are cool, but they always die." This idea was the impetus for feey, an online plant shop on a mission to make homes greener.

Founded in the fall of 2019 by four plant lovers, the Swiss startup's story began in the founder’s kitchen and has since grown to a modern office, a spacious warehouse, and two thriving online shops. In 2022 they expanded operations into Germany. 

With a focus on quality and sustainability, feey (pronounced 'fay') employs a carbon-neutral shipping process safe for the plant and the planet. They take great care to ensure their plants arrive safely by using specially-made packaging and durable cardboard sleeves.

In this case study, we’ll look at how the team at feey is making more homes greener with onsite personalization, and we’ll even stop to smell the flowers along the way. 

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feey homepage

“That’s something I appreciate a lot. It’s easy to combine certain things and think about how we can define the customer journey so it’s more gamified.”




It’s a relatable challenge for all of us. For Severin Candrian, the designer and co-founder at feey, a change in sales taxes presented a problem that required a unique solution. 

In the past, feey used to sell plants and pots together as a single product for a fixed price. But then, new tax plans imposed different rates on pots and plants separately. Because feey couldn’t apply two tax rates to a single product, they could no longer sell the pot-and-plant combo without incurring unnecessary taxes. It was a classic rock-and-a-hard-place situation. 

In addition to boosting ecommerce metrics like average order value (AOV), Candrian needed a solution that would allow feey to

  • apply the different tax rates to pots and plants.
  • categorize them as separate products.
  • sell them together.

“It’s sometimes hard to show customers what you have. This is what Rebuy helps us with.”



The goal was two-fold:

  1. Solve the product categorization problem
  2. Help shoppers discover complementary products they would likely need

For example, if a shopper adds a large monstera plant to the cart, display a few matching pots. 

Candrian builds all the rules himself. “I like to test out new features. It’s not like we set it up once and then always use the same logic,” he says. “That’s something I appreciate a lot. It’s easy to combine certain things and think about how we can define the customer journey so it’s more gamified.”

The team got an assist from development agency CODE who referred feey to Rebuy and stepped in to set it up. Feey and Code then worked together to develop a unique product selector for feey's PDPs. (More on that later.)

From there, it was all about optimization.

Multi-tier Progress Bar

Speaking of gamification, Candrian uses the multi-tier progress bar to drive the occasional promotion. For a recent summer promotion, feey offered a surprise baby plant to any shopper eclipsing a $50 cart total. A small plant was gifted at $100 and a large plant was gifted at $200.

The multi-tier progress bar’s effectiveness and ease of use stood out to Candrian. “We saw that it works. In most cases—the shoppers at $80—they buy a cross-sell and jump over the [$100] threshold and get the next free gift,” he explains. “The super cool thing was, setting up was so easy.”

In between promotions, Candrian uses the progress bar to promote every shopper’s favorite perk: free shipping.

“Once you set up a data source, it’s so easy to put it anywhere in the shop. It always works and has the same logic.”


Product Detail Page

The cross-sell display on the PDP has proven to be the biggest AOV booster of all, accounting for 81% of RGR (Rebuy-generated revenue). 

Now, behold this genius tactical move that moved the needle for feey. 


Notice the cross-sell product display widget. It’s strategically placed above the ATC (add-to-cart) button. Most shops place product add-ons underneath the ATC button. Not feey. Where others zig, they zag. And in this case, it’s helping to generate lush returns for Candrian and the growing feey brand.  


Candrian’s knack for testing and iterating is paying off for the eco-friendly company. 

As the primary Rebuy user on the team, Candrian has become the resident Rebuy expert at feey. He likes the scalability of Rebuy's data sources. He explains, “Once you set up a data source, it’s so easy to put it anywhere in the shop. It always works and has the same logic.”

What’s more, Rebuy allows feey to categorize pots separately from plants and thus apply different tax rates to each. And using Rebuy’s recommendation widgets, he can sell them together as cross-sells. 

Using smart merchandising on the feey online store has resulted in more shoppers discovering more feey products. “It’s sometimes hard to show customers what you have,” says Candrian. “This is what Rebuy helps us with a lot.”

Bravo to the team at feey! We’re “rooting” for you 🪴


Feey saw a 20.53% increase in AOV. In addition, 17% of total sales were attributed to Rebuy with 57.4% of orders containing a Rebuy add-on.




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Visit the feey online store to see Rebuy in action (and pick up a plant or two).


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