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OpenStore’s Elegant Solution Leads to Growth at Scale

Operations expert Dov Quint shares his secret for managing and scaling dozens of Shopify stores.

OpenStore’s Elegant Solution Leads to Growth at Scale


1️⃣ One app stack for 45+ brands


⌛ Countless hours saved


🧘 Streamlined complexity


📈 Strong KPIs across multiple brands


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📚 Multi-store Management


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Techopedia defines an elegant solution as "a solution that solves the problem in the simplest and most effective manner."

OpenStore, a portfolio of nearly 50 Shopify stores, has developed an elegant solution to managing and scaling many brands with a lean team: a single standardized app stack for its entire portfolio.

OpenStore helps entrepreneurs sell their Shopify stores through its simple acquisition process. Storefronts Lead Dov Quint manages the operations and day-to-day activities of the portfolio's storefronts.

Central to this standardized yet flexible approach is the integration of Rebuy, a powerful personalization platform that has significantly enhanced the shopping experience across OpenStore’s portfolio.


open store collage


Challenge: Scale Dozens of Brands with a Single Standardized App Stack

OpenStore faced the complex challenge of standardizing and optimizing operations for a diverse array of Shopify stores, each with its own distinct identity and customer base.

Upon acquiring new shops, the team often encounters a myriad of single-function apps and tools already installed. Many of these apps are usually redundant or ineffective for other brands within the portfolio.


"The flexibility of the Rebuy platform allows OpenStore to employ different growth strategies to fit each unique brand in our portfolio."


“When we acquire a brand, part of the first 60 days is dedicated to standardization of the theme and the apps," explains Quint. "Then we then test our standard tech stack against the merchant’s original tech stack to ensure we at least maintain performance. Almost always we improve performance.”

Over time, Quint and the team have developed a rigorous vetting process to identify best-in-class Shopify apps that could be standardized across all stores. 

For personalization, Quint needed a versatile and customizable solution capable of fitting into various merchandising strategies. The solution had to be robust enough to drive strong results and flexible enough to accommodate the unique needs of each storefront.

The goal was to achieve a streamlined, powerful app stack that could be applied across the portfolio to enhance the customer journey and boost sales performance.


"Through due diligence, we have selected best-in-class partners like Rebuy to solve certain business problems and drive growth for our brands."



Strategy: Optimization Via Standardization

Quint and the OpenStore team vetted and tested several Shopify apps and selected a combination of apps that delivers impressive results. “Through due diligence, we have selected best-in-class partners like Rebuy to solve certain business problems and drive growth for our brands,” says Quint.

Quint equipped OpenStore’s brands with various Rebuy tools tailored to each brand's merchandising strategy. As he explains it, "The flexibility of the Rebuy platform allows OpenStore to employ different growth strategies to fit each unique brand in our portfolio."

Let’s take a look at how OpenStore used Rebuy to accelerate sales for five of its portfolio companies.

Jack Archer

Rebuy Integrations Used: Klaviyo, Okendo

While Smart Cart, in-cart cross-sells, and trust badges on the checkout page help apparel brand Jack Archer boost AOV (average order value) and achieve a post-purchase conversion rate of 7.82%. One of its many post-purchase offer flows is currently converting at over 13%. "Post-purchase offers are a favorite of mine. They're a low-risk profit driver."


Jack Archer uses Rebuy for smart merchandising and personalization
This post-purchase limited-time offer converted at 13.51% over 30 days.


Sensory Joy

Rebuy Integrations Used: Klaviyo, Okendo

To grow specialty shop Sensory Joy, Quint used a number of Rebuy tools including Smart Cart, in-cart upsells and cross-sells, dynamic bundles, a Top Sellers carousel on the homepage, and a Recently Viewed carousel on the product pages. Together, these merchandising tactics helped increase AOV by 35.42% for Rebuy-assisted orders. The top-performing widget was the add-to-cart upsell popup shown below, accounting for 44% of Rebuy-generated revenue.


This add-to-cart popup is Sensory Joy's top-performing widget, generating 44% of its Rebuy-generated revenue. It's a replacement for the standard kit that comes with their signature children's swing.


KNKG (King Kong Apparel)

Rebuy Integrations Used: Okendo

Apparel brand KNKG specializes in gym bags and related accessories. The shop sports Rebuy Smart Cart equipped with in-cart cross-sells. Quint added Recently Viewed carousels on collections and product pages, and even added a Top Sellers carousel to all 404 pages. It all added up to a 12.39% boost to AOV, with in-cart add-ons and recently viewed recommendation widgets accounting for 94% of total Rebuy-generated revenue. Smart merchandising in action!


KNKG recently viewed carousel
Recently Viewed product recommendation carousels account for 41% of KNKG's Rebuy-generated revenue.



Rebuy Integrations Used: Klaviyo, Okendo

The heavy-hitter for swimwear brand Bahimi is the in-cart product recommendation widget. Bahimi offers swimsuits you can mix and match, so it's no surprise shoppers buy up so many of the AI-powered product recommendations when viewing the cart. Dynamic bundles and Recently Viewed widgets were added on key pages to further boost AOV. The result was an 11.96% increase to AOV. 


Bahimi uses Rebuy for in-cart recommendations and other merchandising.
Slick cart! Rebuy Smart Cart packed with in-cart cross-sells make up 88% of Bahimi's Rebuy-generated revenue.


The Secure Mat

Rebuy Integrations Used: Klaviyo, Okendo

Like others on this list, The Secure Mat features Rebuy Smart Cart with AI-powered in-cart cross-sells. Quint again reached for post-purchase offers to drive extra sales, notching an 11.49% post-purchase offer conversion rate. Hand-selected product offers and trust badges were added to the checkout page to drive additional last-minute purchases.


securemat ppo
The Secure Mat saw this limited-time post-purchase offer convert at 11.69%.



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OpenStore successfully standardized personalized merchandising for its portfolio of 40+ brands, achieving significant improvements in several key performance metrics. 

“The things that set Rebuy apart are the product roadmap and thinking differently about merchandising and the storefront experience," adds Quint. "Smart Cart is a big part of what we love most about Rebuy — that consistency. That’s standard across all of our stores. And the team, they’ve been really supportive and responsive.”

In the words of Leonardo de Vinci, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." And OpenStore's result underscores the effectiveness of its simple and elegant strategy of standardization.

Congratulations to Dov Quint and the OpenStore team!


OpenStore successfully standardized its app stack, using Rebuy's personalization platform to enhance and optimize the shopping experience for dozens of its portfolio brands.




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