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Case Study: Gamer Supps Levels Up Their AOV With Rebuy

Opportunity takes many forms. In the case of Gamer Supps, it was disguised as a colorful group of online shoppers: anime fans.

“The AOV was WAY HIGHER than our typical launch.” - James Werk, Gamer Supps

James Werk is the Director of Sales for Gamer Supps, a leader in gaming energy and nutrition. Werk and his team primarily serve everyday gamers but soon noticed a new group of underserved website visitors: anime fans.

Werk saw an opportunity to grow the business big time. The plan was to launch a new product, the Waifu shaker cup, designed with anime fans in mind. 

With a new product launch at the ready, the team built a funnel to attract even more fans of anime and introduce them to the new shaker cup and other anime-related merch. To drive traffic to the site, they leveraged a combination of influencer marketing and paid ads.


The problem was the Gamer Supps site was not optimized for conversions and did not provide a personalized shopping experience. They wanted a flexible merchandising solution that looked good, delivered results, and did not interrupt the shopping experience with popups. After trying five other solutions that didn't do the trick, Werk installed a free trial of Rebuy.

“We could see the reports showing how much additional revenue we could bring in...and still have it flow smoothly and look right.”

Check out the case study and see the results.


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