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Case Study: Licorice.com Sees AOV Skyrocket 17% Literally Overnight

Upscaling a commodity like licorice presents unique challenges, but this small family of entrepreneurs was ready.

Imagine this: You’re on a dream vacation. 

You wake up early one morning and discover that, while you were sound asleep, your e-commerce business was flourishing. Sales have exploded overnight. You rub your eyes. Is this a dream? You check again. AOV has skyrocketed. You tell your family and everyone gets up and races to check the numbers. You smile because you remember you installed Rebuy just yesterday, and now you’re seeing the results overnight.  

This is the true story of the family of entrepreneurs behind Licorice.com, a provider of artisanal gourmet licorice from around the world. 

Every sale that came through we would check, ‘Oh, was that Rebuy? Which widget was it?’” 

Upscaling a commodity like licorice presents unique challenges, but the small family of entrepreneurs was ready. They had experience and entrepreneurial knowledge on their side. What they didn’t have was a no-code merchandising solution that was highly effective yet easy to implement. After installing Rebuy, licorice began to fly off the digital shelves overnight. 

Read the case study to see how Licorice.com generated more sales and increased AOV by 17% with onsite personalization. 


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