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Case Study: SpearmintLOVE Lifts AOV 11% With the Power of AI

Despite tens of thousands of SKUs on offer, SpearmintLOVE finds a solution to personalize every upsell & cross-sell: AI.

Alicia Kent had two goals. 

  1. Choose a tech stack for SpearmintLOVE after migrating the shop from the Big Commerce platform to Shopify Plus. 
  2. Help customers discover more of SpearmintLOVE's product catalog.

As the Director of Growth for SpearmintLOVE, the leading independent online retailer in the baby and children’s soft goods market, Kent is in charge of developing the online merchandising strategy for the online store. 

These are strategic goals with big challenges. For example, while there are hundreds of apps available to add to your Big Commerce store, Shopify offers many thousands. Which apps will best enable SpearmintLOVE's online merchandising strategy? How many apps are enough?

Kent knew she wanted to assemble a tech stack that included the best possible solution for upsells & cross-sells. It's important to choose wisely because the apps you choose will impact both the customer experience and the bottom line.


“That’s the biggest factor, we’re able to test and turn things on and off. ”


Another challenge was finding a solution to personalize every product recommendation despite having tens of thousands of SKUs on offer.

After installing Rebuy, Kent A/B tested against other solutions and saw Rebuy outperforming the competition. So, she gave Rebuy the green light and started optimizing.

The result? Kent and the SpearmintLOVE team saw AOV increase 11.07%. Read the case study to see how they did it.  

With new tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at their disposal, the team has begun exploring even more ways Rebuy can accelerate sales for SpearmintLOVE. “That’s the biggest factor," explains Kent, "we’re able to test and turn things on and off."




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