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Moving Units: Revant Boosts Revenue With AI-Powered Cross-Sells

Revant Optics increases revenue and total units sold with advanced match logic and intelligent cross-sells for over 80,000 SKUs.

Are all of your products compatible with one another? 

For Stephen Valesano, the answer is a resounding no. 

Valesano is the director of ecommerce and marketing at Revant Optics, a designer and developer of replacement lenses for sunglasses.

With a product catalog eclipsing 80,000 SKUs, obeying compatibility constraints regarding which lenses fit which frames is a taxing process. Valesano needed an upsell and cross-sell solution that could understand Revant’s very specific constraint limitations. 

They considered building their own solution in-house, but ultimately decided it was too resource-intensive. 

So Valesano reached out to Rebuy. 


“We had an immediate bump in cross-sells for replacement lenses across the catalog.”


As the Revant team grew its product catalog over the years, it took special care to ensure each product was tagged properly and accurately. This good stewardship resulted in a well-organized product tagging structure which paved the way for a killer collaboration with the Rebuy product team.

After partnering with Rebuy, the award-winning online retailer saw inspiring results they can hang their hat on. “It was one of this year’s key features we can point to and say, ‘yes, this made a measurable impact,” says Valesano.

Now, Revant can confidently and easily run automated data-driven upsell and cross-sell strategies knowing each and every recommendation will be 100% compatible with items in the customer’s shopping cart. 

What’s their secret? Regular expressions.

Read the Revant Optics case study to learn more.




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