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Case Study: Ritual Zero-Proof Fills Their Glass To The Brim

Ritual Zero-Proof is proving that, with the right solution, turning new shoppers into loyal subscribers isn't as hard as you think.

How do you increase your subscriptions by 66.7%?

If you’re Brennan MacKinlay, you focus on an intelligent shopping cart and in-cart subscription upsells.

MacKinlay is the ecommerce manager of subscription brand Ritual Zero-Proof, a maker of premium non-alcoholic spirit alternatives with the taste, smell, & kick of liquor.

After a disappointing run with a single-function bundle app (it didn’t integrate well with other apps, and the widgets didn’t look great in context, either), MacKinlay turned to his support team at Recharge. As a leader in subscription commerce, Recharge is the authority on helping subscription brands grow.

They’re also a top tech partner to Rebuy.

So when MacKinlay asked for help with smart subscription upsells and dynamic bundles, they offered him a solution that would go on to unlock massive growth for his brand: Rebuy.

“It reminds customers they can purchase a subscription instead. And we saw a nice uptick in subscriptions afterward.”

Read the case study to see how Ritual Zero-Proof drove subscriptions and AOV to intoxicating levels with onsite personalization.


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