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Home Improvement: Avera’s Revenue Boost with Rebuy

Avera boosted sales and enhanced the customer experience by integrating Rebuy's personalized product recommendations and partnering with Getmore

Home Improvement: Avera’s Revenue Boost with Rebuy


📈  12% AOV boost

⚙️ 13% of orders used Rebuy

✨ Increased product discovery


🏠 Home Goods


🛒 Smart Cart

🎁 Dynamic Bundles

❎ Checkout Extensions


Avera, a Mexican Home and Kitchen brand, aims to simplify and enhance their customers' lives with a comprehensive range of products.

Avera started as company in 2018 by selling hot water heaters on marketplaces like Amazon and Mercado Libre. But soon recognized the benefits of creating their own website to sell an even wider variety of home products directly to customers.

They started with WooCommerce but soon found they were growing too quickly and needed a more efficient platform.

Under the leadership of Mireya “Hachi” Pacheco, Head of DTC at Avera, and with the expertise of Alejandro Moreno, Sales Director at Getmore, a Shopify Plus agency, Avera sought to elevate their online selling presence.

Foundation Issues: Avera's WooCommerce Woes

Avera faced significant challenges with their WooCommerce store.

The platform was not intuitive and required developer help to make simple changes. This cumbersome user experience was hindering their growth.

"With WooCommerce, if we wanted to make some changes, we needed a developer," Hachi explained. She shared how general changes like to a product description that should only take a couple of minutes would end up taking 3 to 4 hours.

The transition to a more scalable and efficient platform was necessary to support their rapid growth and improve user experience.

Additionally, they needed a solution that would allow them to leverage product recommendations and dynamic bundling to increase their average order value (AOV) and enhance the overall customer shopping experience.

“Rebuy is very easy to use, every time we review the info from orders we see a lot saying this order was generated by Rebuy… it’s super good for us and we are very happy.”


Blueprint for Success: Implementing Rebuy on Shopify

The decision to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopify was a game-changer for Avera. With the assistance of Alejandro and the Getmore agency, a daunting task was much more manageable.

"The migration was very seamless and smooth. We created a new store from scratch on Shopify Plus and brought on a migration partner called LitExtension. We migrated only customers and orders, it was around 40,000 orders and 8,000 customers. Hachi’s team uploaded all the products into Shopify and then it was ready to go.”

“We saw change immediately in the first weeks,” Hachi shared. “On a bad day we sell the same amount we used to in a good day on WooCommerce.”

With Shopify under their belt, Alejandro introduced the Avera team to Rebuy.

“Because of the types of promotions, recommendations, and features they wanted to do – we always recommend Rebuy.”

For example, when the brand was using WooCommerce, they weren't able to recommend replacement water filters, one of their best-selling products, when customers were looking at purchasing a water filter. 

“It was impossible on WooCommerce,” Alejandro explained, “But with Shopify and Rebuy, it was super, clean and neat to create that part.”

Hachi echoed her love of Rebuy for its AI-powered product recommendations that provided an Amazon-like experience, showing complementary products and encouraging customers to buy more.

“Customers can see and know more about the kind of categories and products that we have, or compliment their initial purchase with a better option… customers that were initially shopping to buy one product at the end of the day now buy three or four products.”  

Hachi explained how with WooCommerce their average order contained one product. Now with Shopify and Rebuy that’s expanded to multiple products per order which has boosted their average order value (AOV). 

Avera is currently using the Rebuy Smart Cart, Dynamic Bundle, Checkout Extensions and product page recommendations. 

When thinking about future Rebuy features to implement Alejandro highlighted Rebuy Post-Purchase, which allows for risk-free upsell opportunities after checkout, “I think the next widget for Avera is Post-Purchase. I think it’s going to be super helpful.”

Home Improvement Success: Avera with Getmore and Rebuy

Over the last 60 days here are the impressive results from Avera’s collaboration with Rebuy: 

  • AOV Boost: 12% 
  • Orders with Rebuy Add-Ons: 13% 
  • Percentage of Rebuy Sales by type:
    • 52% of Rebuy orders from Dynamic Bundles
    • 33% from Product Discovery

Hachi summed up the experience with Rebuy, "Rebuy is super good for us and we are very happy.”

Alejandro echoed the sentiment sharing, “We love Rebuy. We find it very useful, very easy to use and the support is great. We have seen it working really well for all of our merchants.” 

“We love Rebuy. We find it very useful, very easy to use and the support is great. We have seen it working really well for all of our merchants.” 

Avera's seamless transition from WooCommerce to Shopify, enhanced by Rebuy's intelligent product recommendations and dynamic bundling, has resulted in a more efficient, user-friendly, and profitable online store.

This strategic collaboration with Getmore and Rebuy has not only boosted Avera’s sales and AOV but also set a strong foundation for future growth and innovation.

As Avera continues to expand its product offerings and improve customer experience, their partnership with Rebuy remains a key driver of their ongoing success.

 Over the last 60 days, Avera saw a 12% increase in AOV, 13% of orders used Rebuy, with Dynamic Bundles, Smart Cart, and Product Discovery improving the customer experience

Drive revenue growth across the customer journey

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