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BFCM 2022 by the Numbers [Infographic]

A look back on the biggest shopping event of 2022 featuring data visualizations and five merchant success stories.

BFCM 2022 was one for the books. 

Consumers spent a record-breaking $35.3 billion over the 5-day period, according to Adobe Analytics. On Cyber Monday alone, sales hit a record $11.3 billion, a 5.3% jump from last year. 

Record-breaking numbers were pumping through the Rebuy platform as well. We’re absolutely thrilled to see that so many merchants used our platform to unlock new ways of engaging their customers during BFCM.  

You'll see a few of the highlights and merchant success stories from the big weekend below. View them as a snapshot of the potential for intelligent data-driven shopping experiences to increase your AOV, boost your bottom line, and give your customers the personalization they’ve come to expect.

We know that running a holiday shopping experience is no easy feat, and we’d like to congratulate our merchants, our partners, and our team who worked tirelessly to make this BFCM a success.

With that, let's look back on the biggest shopping event of 2022. 


The Rebuy Team


Merchant Highlights

A handful of brands stood out for their stellar results, strategic merchandising, and use of growth tools like gift-with-purchase (GWP), Switch-to-Subscription, Tiered Progress Bar, and Smart Cart™

Aviator Nation

Going Mach 2 with its hair on fire, Aviator Nation tested the limits over Cyber Weekend. The team equipped their shop with personalized cross-sells in the cart and at checkout, then set the dials to Rebuy's default AI recommendations. It was smooth sailing from there for the retro lifestyle brand. Congratulations, mavericks! 😎 

BFCM merchant highlight, Aviator Nation

Au Vodka

Who spiked the BFCM with more sales? Au Vodka poured it on over the big weekend with Smart Cart™, dynamic bundles, and personalized cross-sells on the PDP and at checkout. We'll drink to that. Cheers to the team at Au Vodka for a swanky Cyber Weekend.🍸

BFCM merchant wrap, Au Vodka

Mugsy Jeans

For the Mugsy Jeans team, the biggest shopping weekend of the year was just as comfortable as their high-tech denim jeans. They strolled through BFCM with a comfy AOV boost thanks to their intelligent shopping cart, personalized product recommendations, and gift-with-purchase (GWP) strategy. Lookin' good, Mugsy. 👀 

BFCM merchant highlight, Mugsy

Snow Oral Care

You know what puts a smile on our faces? Seeing oral care brand SNOW sparkle on Cyber Weekend using Smart Cart™, the new Tiered Progress Bar, gift-with-purchase, and switch-to-subscription tools. 👏 Congratulations to the team at SNOW for a successful BFCM. Say cheese. 📸

BFCM merchant wrap, Snow Oral Care


Solawave came out of Cyber Weekend looking fresh-faced and revived! The skin care brand generated their stunning results with the Rebuy Smart Cart™ equipped with hyper-relevant in-cart cross-sells. Bravo to the team at Solawave for a successful BFCM. 🥳👏

BFCM merchant wrap, Solawave

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