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Fanjoy Connects Fans to Creators, Increases AOV 11.7%

The leading brand-building partner to internet creators has found a way to connect more fans to the people they admire.

What’s the best way to connect independent digital creators to their fans?

If you’re Fanjoy, it’s through meaningful and authentic products based on each creator’s life experience, interests, and expertise.

Since 2014, Fanjoy has grown into the industry leader in the design, production, fulfillment and marketing of custom merchandise, allowing Fanjoy to bridge the gap between fans and the artists and creators they admire.

The problem? Introducing their site visitors to new creators they’ve never heard of. As the front end web developer for Fanjoy, Brandon Phan was invested in solving this problem in an easy straightforward way. 

“With Rebuy, there was a huge opportunity to recommend products and cross-sell and upsell,” explains Phan. “Especially to our customers maybe looking for a specific creator or collection, but who are not aware of the other creators we host on our site or on any of our other sites.”

I pretty much consider Smart Cart mandatory for any store using Rebuy.


Another problem Phan faced was scalability. Fanjoy has installed Rebuy on over 10 stores so far, and Phan says it’s saved him a ton of time and money. “The amount of customization you can do…not having to build that from scratch was enough of a sell for me to use Rebuy,” says Phan. “That’s an extremely difficult task let alone doing it for multiple stores. So having instant access to Smart Cart was a huge win.” 

While Fanjoy uses Smart Cart™ as the main driver for onsite creator cross-promotion, a number of other merchandising tools have helped the Fanjoy store boost AOV to 11.7%. Read the case study to see how they did it.  

What about Phan’s personal experience using Rebuy? “It’s been fantastic and a huge learning experience” says Phan. “There is so much out there related to stores and ecommerce that I haven’t even thought about yet. So using a tool like Rebuy—all the different widgets and things you guys have already thought about—really opens my mind. There are so many opportunities to give your users a better experience.”




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